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Find Out What Google Knows About You

Google’s just become far more open about the data it collects on its visitors – which, by April of this year, was used as the search engine of choice by 89.4 percent of global Internet users. With the launch of its new widget, My Activity, it is providing people with a comprehensive history of almost every single action, website and behavior they engage in online via its services.



GlassWire is new free firewall software for Windows that helps protect your computer from hackers by visualizing your network activity.  The software isn’t an antivirus but instead it acts as additional protection that works with your current security suite.

Burn an ISO File to a USB Drive

So you have an ISO file that you want on a flash drive, or some other USB storage device. You also need to be able to boot from it. Sounds straightforward, right? Copy the file over and you’re done! Not so fast bucko…

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GEGeek Tech Toolkit

A complete collection of over 300 Portable Freeware Tech Related programs, all accessible  from one Menu Launcher Utility. There’s even a program to update all the essential programs  automatically, all contained on a USB⁄Flash drive for travel.

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Trick Android into using less data

Whether you’re actively using them or not, apps love to eat up data. They’re checking for updates, running ads, and refreshing your user content in the background. The good intentions are there, but most times, the conveniences these practices bring don’t outweigh the depleted data reserves. It’s time to tame those apps.

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Your Device isn’t compatible with this version

Say what Google Play? Have you ever seen this on an application you really want or need? Try checking out 1 Mobile. Download their client and find your favorite apps and enjoy.

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OnStar RemoteLink for Nexus 7

I recently picked up a Nexus 7 (2013) and was bummed that it is not support the OnStar RemoteLink. Well after some googling, I found a download that works on my tablet.

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Secunia PSI

The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free computer security solution that identifies vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft (third-party) programs which can leave your PC open to attacks.

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Windows 8.1 tips, tricks and secrets

Windows 8.1 might look a lot like Windows 8, but scratch the surface and some subtle – and not-so-subtle – differences begin to appear.

15 Essential Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

When you’re using Windows 8 on a tablet, it’s easy enough to navigate the new OS. But if you don’t have a touch screen, there’s no need to mouse around to make key functions appear. If you know the correct keyboard shortcuts, you can work faster and more efficiently, no matter the type of Windows 8 PC.

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