First off what is DRM? Digital Rights Management restrictions hurts more than it helps. There are 4 different ways to look at DRM.

1. From the companies point of view trying to protect their investment.
2. From the consumers point of view trying to use the product.
3. From the hacker looking for something to crack and get bragging rights.
4. From the user that would have never paid for the product anyways and is looking for free stuff.

I am sure there are other ways but for the most part this is what the basics are. The recording companies are putting DRM on all their music the video game companies are putting DRM on video games, movies have DRM.

Take the EA game Spore; it also has one of the worst ratings on Amazon (2,016 out of the 2,216 ratings are one star) because of a concerted campaign by fans protesting its DRM. It has also been downloaded an estimated 500,000 times on BitTorrent, and is well on its way to becoming the most illegally downloaded game ever.

What’s the real problem with DRM? The product is only good for as long as the company supports that method of DRM. Meaning that once a company goes out of business my product is no good even though I bought the product, and I can only “use” the product that I bought because with DRM I don’t own it, I only lease the product.

Here is the biggest problem with DRM; It is beatable; it dont work; the DRM can be removed from everything. It’s more of a pain in the ass then anything.