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Entries for August, 2009

Hands-on with the Zune HD

Can Microsoft’s latest Zune, the Zune HD, take down the king? It depends on which king you’re talking about. As it stands, the iPod Touch is a whole different beast because of the App Store. What Microsoft has done with the Zune HD is nothing short of spectacular, but who is it really competing with?

Xbox 360 recently stopped seeing my Movie Collection

One of the key reasons behind by getting and using my xbox360  is because of its ability to be my main media server without having yet another device in my living room. As a bonus it plays games… Well recently it stopped seeing over half my collection, and I am not sure why. I have […]

MyCollections Organizes Your Media, Apps, and More

myCollections is an all-in-one organizer app that keep tabs on all your stuff. Better still, it can load as a portable app, letting you show off your unique tastes on a friend’s system.

Set Themes, Not Goals for Better Time Management

It always seems like there’s so much to do and so little time to get it done. To better manage your hours, productivity weblog Zen Habits suggests that you forget about setting goals and try picking themes instead.

BatteryCare Displays Detailed Battery Information

System monitoring utility BatteryCare shows detailed information about your battery’s wear level, capacity, and consumption—and even shows the CPU temperature as an added bonus.

Google Chrome Updates, Adds Windows 7 Jumplists

The developer channel builds of the Google Chrome web browser have finally added support for Jumplists for readers running Windows 7—meaning nearly instant access to private browsing mode.

Bank Lets Customers Deposit Checks by Taking Pics with an iPhone

Yeah nothing could go wrong here… iPhone only: As irrelevant as online banking and ATMs makes the physical bank for a lot of your banking needs, most of us still need to head to our local bank whenever it’s time to cash a check. The New York Times reports that a bank called USAA doesn’t […]

LockHunter Deletes Stubborn Files and Applications

Everyone has run into the problem at some point. You want to move or delete a file and Windows flat-out denies you because the file is supposedly in use. Break your file free with LockHunter.

GOM Player (Windows, Free)

GOM Player, like VLC, excels at playing damaged and incomplete video. Originally designed as the streaming media player for GOM-TV, a Korean TV network, it is available outside of Korea with the GOM-TV streaming functionality disabled. Although folks outside Korea still have access to the live streaming of StarCraft matches (StarCraft is so wildly popular […]

Google Adds More Options To Image Search

Image search is an area of intense competition between Google, Yahoo, and now Bing. Today, Google Images added some search options to make it easier to filter a search by color, type (face, photo, clip art, line drawing), and file size.